Something that’s been on my mind a lot recently is enjoyment and exercise.

The general message is that you should enjoy exercise as a whole, but primarily to be consistent.

Whilst I do agree with this, I think the message has got slightly misconstrued and when people don’t feel euphoric…

To some extent, we’re all exposed to perfectionism and the pursuit of such, however to what extent is this actually impeding our progress, rather than adding to it?

Probs quite a lot mate.

(Great answer to an essay question, I know)

But seriously..

Something that comes alongside this whole all…

Well, I guess we could probably survive if we didn’t eat them. But we would also survive without having dogs in our existence, but I’d most certainly rather that not be a possibility.

What are vegetables?

All edible matter from a plant.

There’s a definition that you didn’t think you needed.

Anyway, most…

Mia Oldroyd

20 Years Old. Just trying to articulate my brain one thought at a time.

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